Barney Storey

World's Most Successful Sprint Tandem Sighted Pilot

barney storey

Barney Storey is more than an athlete, he is a sighted pilot for visually impaired tandem track cyclists. As a supporter of the Paralympics and diabetes sufferer himself, Barney understands the physical and mental strength needed to overcome challenges on the track, and in life. As a Paralympic Speaker, he can reflect upon his career as an athlete, discussing such topics as overcoming adversity and resilience, sharing the wisdom he has built with his audience. Barney is an inspiring figure, who is available for school events, business conferences and industry conventions to influence a new perspective in guests.

As a tandem cyclist and sight pilot, Barney has to keep his mind sharp and his body fit. Whilst competing, he is constantly calculating the course, offering his partner updates and warning them for any changes to their cycling – all while giving 100% himself. Starting in 2006, Barney earned gold at the World Disability Championships 1km time trial and sprint, before going on to defend his medals in the following year.

Cycling with his stoker, Neil Fachie, Barney won a gold medal in the 1km time trial at the 2012 London Paralympic Games, as well as a silver medal in the tandem sprint. Previously, Barney had achieved double gold at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games with stoker, Anthony Kappes. Barney also won two gold medals in the same events at the 2006 and 2007 World Championships and a gold medal at the Paralympic World Cup.

As a Paralympic speaker, there are few quite as successful as Barney. Charismatic, highly interesting and passionate about cycling, his expert discussion of competitive sport has earned him a positive reputation on the speaking circuit. Barney works closely with disabled athletes, so knows first hand the hard work and dedication needed to overcome physical challenges – this makes him the ideal motivational speaker.

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Watch Barney in action here:

When featuring at events Barney is known to discuss such topics as:

  • Supporting Others
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Paralympic Competing
  • Peak Performance

Over the course of his career Barney earned the following achievements:

  • Two gold medals at the 2006 World Disability Championships
  • Two gold medals at the 2007 World Disability Championships
  • Two gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Summer Paralympic Games
  • Gold medal at the 2012 London Summer Paralympic Games
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