Kelvin Giles

A Specialist In The Efficiency Of Movement In Athletes

Kelvin Giles

Kelvin Giles is an Olympic speaker with a difference. The founder of athlete development consultancy Movement Dynamics UK, he is a specialist in the efficiency of movement in athletes, efficiency that improves performance and reduces the likelihood of injuries by eliminating poor movement patterns. Although not an athlete himself, Giles has changed the face of athletics through his magnificent work and is recognised as being an influential figure within the sport.

An expert in the scientific side of movement, Kelvin believes in developing a sound ‘movement vocabulary’ by using high quality coaching and teaching. His expert knowledge on a range of topics make for gripping speeches, Kevin uses his experiences within business matters to help inspire his audiences.

In particular, he expounds the theory that athletes can benefit most from physical, mental, technical and tactical training that progressively becomes more intense, more frequent and more testing.

As an Olympic speaker, Kelvin Giles explains to audiences how coaches are very good at working with athletes on how far they should run and how fast but they often don’t advise them on how to run. Always with an eye on ‘solving movement puzzles’, he says, coaches should be helping athletes to think in terms of ‘every direction, every plane, every amplitude, every speed and every complexity’. When at events, Giles is known to discuss topics such as effective management as he feels it is essential to a businesses performance.

Whether sitting, standing, walking, jogging, running, bending, twisting, lifting, carrying, jumping, throwing, kicking or catching, it is essential that the athlete efficiently and consistently carries out the correct movement sequence at exactly the right time, according to Giles. ‘Physical literacy’, he says, is the combination of foundation movements, fundamental movement skills and fundamental sports skills.

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When speaking at events, Giles is known to discuss topics such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Effective Management
  • Importance of Training
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