Tony Cunningham

Helping The World Anti-Doping Agency To clean up sport

Tony Cunningham

Tony Cunningham is the kind of Olympic speaker who captures the attention of his audience and keeps them hooked throughout his presentation.

Tony is the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) Manager of its Education and Program Development Department. WADA’s role is to promote, coordinate and monitor the global battle against any kind of doping in any kind of sport and Tony Cunningham is at the very centre of that strategy.

The Olympic speaker’s role is to educate everyone involved in sports about the dangers of using stimulants and performance-enhancing drugs, working in conjunction with the Regional Anti-Doping Organisation Program. In 2014, Cunningham announced that WADA was making over 2,000 changes to how it tests for, monitors and deals with doping by sports people. As an Olympic speaker, he is able to share with his audience the difficulties associated with treating athletes fairly while still protecting the integrity of the Olympics and other sporting events.

Prior to his role at WADA, Cunningham was Head of Performance Planning at the Irish Sports Council. His position there involved creating performance-centred policy frameworks in relation to all Olympic sports. With a strong focus on health and fitness, Tony has also helped to improve the general public’s understanding of obesity in children and how changing behaviours can lead to significant improvements in health.

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