Geoff Capes

Former Shot Putter & Highland Games Competitor

geoff capes

At one time the strongest man in the world, shot putter and Olympic speaker Geoff Capes has won gold, silver and bronze medals in some of the toughest competitions on planet Earth. In his public speeches, Geoff specialises in the skills needed to succeed, whether you want to be the strongest on the field or a high-performance corporate team. Passionate and dedicated to inspiring motivation, his down to earth nature and insightful stories make him a highly popular speaker for a wide range of events.

Geoff achieved gold medals at the 1974 and 1978 Edmonton Commonwealth Games, as well as the 1974 and 1976 Munich European Indoor Championships. Geoff’s three silvers all came in the indoor competition, while his bronze medals were earned at the European Athletics Championships and European Indoor Championships. As well as taking part in mainstream athletics events, Olympic speaker, former labourer and police constable Geoff was a professional Highland Games competitor, winning several times and setting numerous world records. Having flourished in 1981 and 1983, he then won for the following four years, making Geoff one of the event’s most successful athletes ever.

Other noteworthy titles for Geoff include the World’s Strongest Man and the World Muscle Power champion, both of which he won twice, as well as Europe’s Strongest Man and Britain’s Strongest Man. After he retired from competitive sport, Geoff ran his own sportswear shop, bred birds, and spent some time as a referee and coach. As a speaker, Geoff uses his experience as a mentor to lead his corporate audiences to success. Highly sought after on the public speaking circuit, he frequently captivates audiences with his witty anecdotes

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Watch Geoff in action here:

When featuring at events Geoff is known to discuss such topics as:

  • Maximising Success
  • Elite Competing
  • Achieving Goals
  • Leadership
  • Drive & Determination

Over the course of his career Geoff earned the following achievements:

  • Gold medal at the 1974 Gothenburg European Indoor Championships
  • Gold medal at the 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games
  • Gold medal at the 1976 Munich European Indoor Championships
  • Gold medal at the 1978 Edmonton Commonwealth Games
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