A Look Forward To The 2020 Olympics

Even though the 2020 Olympic Games is still a whole year’s wait away, the anticipation for the most hyped event on the sporting calendar is reaching its peak. With the Games beginning on the 24th July next year and the Paralympics kickstarting on the 25th August, let’s take a look into what’s expected of the competition we’ve all been waiting for.

2020 Olympic Mascot

A Greener Games

In the wake of the recently announced climate emergency in many countries, it’s becoming more evident that we need to mitigate climate change in any way that we can. That’s why the 2020 Olympics Committee have assembled The Sustainability Concept, a plan that considers the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals that suggest that “sport is an important enabler of sustainable development”.

Tokyo have set five sustainability themes to help benefit not only the home nation but the whole world. This includes using renewable energy sources to work towards zero carbon emissions, aiming to create zero waste using the 3R’s reduce, reuse and recycle and working to make sure the urban setting lives in harmony with nature to enrich the biodiversity of the city.

It was recently announced that P&G would work alongside the Tokyo organising committee to create the medal podiums entirely out of plastic, the city aims to collect 45 tonnes of plastic from the ocean and citizens. The medals will also be made from recycled metal gathered from old electronic devices.

A Look At The New Events

An Olympic Games that has already adopted a modern and fresh feel will also have a selection of new events. Basketball, BMX freestyle, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing will all make their debut at the 2020 Olympics, a selection of new and exciting sports that add a breath of fresh air to the historic event that dates back to 1896.

Also, in a bid to move one step closer towards gender equality in this Olympic games, many sports such as boxing, archery and table tennis will have mixed gender teams competing against each other. This is a monumental event in the gender equality journey that recognises men and women can compete against each other.

Which Nation is Tipped to Top the Medal Table?

The all-important question that is on everyone’s mind is who is going to win? Well, the Gracenote Sports virtual medal table uses an algorithm to rank athletes and teams based on recent events and is a useful tool when helping to determine who is going to be crowned champions in Tokyo next year. Although it’s regularly updated, at this very moment it’s backing the USA to top the medal count for the seventh successive Olympic games. It’s predicted that the USA will win a total of 123 medals with China coming second with 76 medals, followed by Russia with 66 medals.

Although the USA are expected to take the leaderboard by storm, there are a few dark horses that may be the ones to watch. The hosts, Japan are expected to increase their medal count by a total of 54% over their Rio 2016 figure, this means that they could very well be a challenger for second place. Australia are also expected to improve on their performance this year meaning the team that are expected to become sixth this year could come to surprise the world and be challengers to Great Britain who are expected to come fifth overall with a total of 46 medals.

With Team GB coming second in the Rio 2016, we are rooting for our home country to pull out all the stops and strive for as many medals as possible as perhaps even top the 2020 summer olympics table!

Team GB Landing from Rio 2016

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