Russia Making Doping Progress Says Lord Coe

Lord Sebastian Coe KBE

IAAF President Lord Coe, has said that the Russian doping authorities are making progress in attempting to tackle the issue. Between 2011 and 2015 more than a thousand Russian athletes were said to be involved in doping scandals covering Summer, Winter and Paralympic games. The athletics governing body also banned Russian athletes from competing in all track and field events, meaning they will miss this summer’s World Championships in London.

The country has had 35 Olympic medals stripped from them for doping violations, more than triple than the next highest country. This comes after a widespread state funded doping scandal was discovered in 2015, which at the time plunged into doubt Russia’s eligibility for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Athletes were eventually allowed to compete all be it had to go through stringent anti-doping tests to prove they had not doped before the games, the only nation required to perform such tests.

He said “The tough decision we made is starting to bear fruit. We should acknowledge the progress that is being made. We need to make sure that we continue to do everything we can to get clean Russian athletes back into the international fold. That was always the task once the federation had been suspended.”

This statement has come after Sir Mo Farah this week had to defend himself as a “clean athlete”, following fresh allegations against his American coach Alberto Salazar. Salazar has been under investigation from anti-doping authorities since a leaked report called into question drug use at his training base in the states.

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