Karen Darke

Silver medal winner at the London 2012 Paralympic games

Karen Darke

Inspirational Paralympic speaker Karen Darke definitely knows a thing or two about overcoming challenges. She was an eager runner, climber and all-round outdoor sportsperson but since she fell off a cliff she has been paralysed from the chest down.

Describing her life now as “extraordinary”, Karen is a member of the Great Britain Olympic Para-Cycling Team and in between training for the Olympics and other sporting events she makes sure that she goes on as many adventures as possible – adventures that most able-bodied athletes would find daunting and tough. At the London 2012 Paralympic games, Karen won a silver medal in the H1-2 individual road time trial event.

When presenting to audiences, the Paralympic speaker analyses what it is that makes someone come back from a traumatic experience to test themselves to the limit. The author of two books – ‘If You Fall…’ and ‘Boundless’ – Karen says: “I enjoy sharing some understanding as to how we can learn from the difficult stuff, and use it to do the positive stuff. How we turn things around, no matter how difficult or seemingly impossible they may seem. If we can know ourselves better, we can explore our abilities, and achieve all manner of things we may previously have thought impossible.”

Karen has taken her motivational message to schools, businesses, public sector organisations and many other bodies, including Shell, BP, BAE Systems, Unilever, Microsoft, the DVLA and the Association of Colleges.

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