Alex Partridge

Team GB Rower Who Has Won Two Olympic Medals

alex partidge

Alex Partridge is a British rower who has won two medals at the Olympic Games. He was born in the United States but represented Great Britain throughout his rowing career. Although never winning gold at the Olympics, Partridge has been no stranger to success in other major events. He’s been a part of three gold-medal-winning rowing teams at the World Rowing Championships. Rowing requires extreme mental resilience and Partridge showcased extreme levels of mental resilience throughout his career which helped him to reach such great heights in his career.

He has enjoyed success from an early age and won a silver medal at the World U23 Championships. He first won a medal while representing Great Britain in the 2001 World Rowing Championships in Lucerne. From here, Partridge began to win medals at ease and eventually won three golds in the World Championships, they came in 2005, 2006 and 2009. He now spends a lot of his time as an Olympic speaker, he often reflects on the importance of teamwork and leadership within business and sporting teams.

Partridge’s first Olympic medal game in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games where he won a silver medal in the Eight competition. Four years later and he achieved his second Olympic medal, this time taking a bronze medal in the same competition. Having performed to an elite level throughout his career, Partridge often reflects on the importance of peak performance and maximising success.

Alex has endured and overcome setbacks during his sporting life, which he is able to express and show his audiences how everyone is able to use these experiences to achieve what appears to be unthinkable.

As an Olympic speaker, his motivational addresses are moving, inspiring and memorable. Having experienced the highs and lows of professional sport, he has a compelling story to tell and is well versed in delivering motivating speeches within the corporate market. When he’s at events, Partridge often discusses dealing with setbacks and peak performance.

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