Andrew Osagie

Medal-Winning Olympic 800m Runner

Andrew Osagie

Specialising in the 800-metre race, Andrew Osagie is famed for his performance at the World Indoor Athletics Championship in 2012 and 2014. At present, he represents the Harlow Athletic Club and his home country, Great Britain. As an Olympic speaker, he discusses his experience of athletics from his first race to his most recent success. Confident and passionate about sport, Andrew is an expert in perseverance and determination, from his years of competing starting in 2009.

Though he was born in England, Andrew’s parents are both Nigerian. As a young athlete, he first started running for Harlow Athletics Club – the club that he continues to compete for to this day. During his teenage years, he juggled competing and studying at St Mary’s University College, a testament to his commitment to sport. Andrew went from strength to strength, and quickly established himself as an athlete to watch. Andrew holds the title of second on the British Indoor All-Time list, on top of his bronze medals. At the 2012 Istanbul World Indoor Championships and the 2014 Sopot World Indoor Championships, he earned two bronze medals in the 800-metre race.

As a sports speaker, Andrew can confidently discuss his experience of racing, taking his audience on a journey through his personal sporting career. Though he experienced a range of potentially career-threatening injuries, his perseverance and self-belief gave him the drive to succeed – despite such setbacks, Andrew is still the fourth fastest Briton of all time. Most recently, he competed in the 2018 Australia Commonwealth Games with a time of 1:48.19. Andrew’s skill set can be easily applied to a business environment, as his sports speeches include methods to achieving teamwork and positive leadership.

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An interview with Andrew:

When appearing at events Andrew is known to discuss such topics as:

  • Competing at the Olympics
  • Peak Performance
  • Elite Competing
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Challenges


Over the course of his career, Andrew has earned the following achievements:

  • Bronze medal at the 2012 Istanbul World Indoor Championships
  • Bronze medal at the 2014 Sopot World Indoor Championships
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