Beth Shriever

Winner Of The Women's BMX Racing Gold Medal At Tokyo 2020

Beth Shriever

Bethany Schriever is a pioneering figure in the sport of BMX, having made headlines at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Although her journey to the Olympics was not easy, using crowdfunding to secure her place in the games after funding was cut for female BMX athletes, Bethany emerged triumphant and made history. Having also claimed European and World titles, Bethany is a fantastic choice to have appear as a speaker for corporate and public events to share the stories of her successes.

Starting BMXing aged nine, Beth trained at local clubs in Braintree and claimed her first major title with Silver at the 2016 BMX European Championships. A year later, she competed in the Junior World Champions and became the 2017 Junior World BMX Champion. Making her debut as a senior rider, Beth finished 17th at the Baku World Championships and also competed at the UCI BMX World Championships final. She was also a dominant competitor in the Manchester National BMX Series, demonstrating her true talent for the sport.

After the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, it was decided that funding for women BMX athletes would be cut. However, with Beth showing her promise as a BMX athlete, Team GB was keen to diversify its medal opportunities and move audience attention away from the traditional cycling events in the velodrome. With the help of crowdfunding, Beth made it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and claimed Olympic Gold in the Women’s BMX Racing. After winning all three races in her semi-finals, Beth crossed the line with a winning time of 44.35 seconds and solidified her name in the BMX history books.

With many successes to her name, Beth is now booked as a speaker for events of all kinds. Passionate about inspiring other young women to get into BMX, Beth is empowering future generations of athletes and is a fantastic addition to motivational or after-dinner events. Whether she be sharing her journey to reach the Olympics or how she finished victorious in the Women’s BMX Race, Bethany Schriever is the future of Team GB BMX.

  • 2021 – Gold in the Women’s BMX Racing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games
  • 2017 – Junior World BMX Champion
  • 2016 – Silver at the BMX European Championships
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