Galal Yafai

Amateur Boxer Who Claimed Gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Galal Yafai

Professional boxer, Galal Yafai is famed for his talents competing in the amateur boxing discipline. Born into a family of boxers, with his brothers being WBA Super-Flyweight and European Super-Bantamweight champions, Galal was destined for incredible boxing success. Having represented Team GB at two Olympic Games, Galal is now sought after as an Olympic speaker to share stories of his successes at corporate and public events across the country.

A talented boxer, Galal has competed at several national and international competitions. His first major win was claimed in 2015, taking Bronze at the 2015 English National Championships. From that point on Galal has proven his worth as a boxer, having later achieved Silver at the 2017 European Championships. He was also chosen to represent Team GB at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, reaching the Round of 16 fight before being eliminated by his opponent.

Resilient in the face of defeat, Galal continued to put his all into training and became more determined than ever to succeed. In 2021, after their postponement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Galal earned qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Competing in Flyweight Boxing, Galal defeated his opponents, claiming Olympic Gold in Flyweight Boxing. Solidifying his reputation as a professional boxer, Galal’s medal tally is only set to expand.

Having also claimed Bronze at the 2019 European Games, Galal Yafai is now a popular choice as an Olympic speaker for a range of corporate and public events. Booked to share stories of his boxing success, Galal informs audiences on the skills and qualities he had to hone and improve to reach the elite level of his sport. Having proven his country proud at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Galal shares his training top tips and how he has bounced back from failure to secure Olympic Gold. When looking for an Olympic speaker to inspire your audience to get into the sport, look no further than Galal Yafai.

  • 1 x Olympic Gold medallist
  • 1 x European Games Bronze medallist
  • 1 x Commonwealth Games Gold medallist
  • 1 x English National Championships Bronze medallist
  • 1 x European Championships Silver medallist
  • Represented Team GB at 2016 Rio Olympic Games
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