Laura Kenny

The Most Successful Female Track Cyclist In Olympic History

Laura Kenny

Olympic cyclist, Laura Kenny (previously Trott) CBE is widely regarded as Great Britain’s greatest ever female cyclist having won numerous gold medals as the world’s most prestigious cycling events. A track and road cyclist from Essex, Kenny has had an extremely successful career but it hasn’t happened without setbacks along the way.

Having been born with a collapsed lung and asthma, Kenny could only have dreamt of becoming Great Britain’s most successful female Olympian ever. After winning a fourth Olympic gold medal in the Ominium in the 2016 Olympic Games, Kenny’s dream became a reality. She has showcased the drive and determination required to be an elite sportswoman and often reflects on the importance of drive and determination in order to be successful from both a sports and career perspective.

Not only has Kenny won four Olympic gold medals, she now has her eyes set on winning more at the upcoming Olympic Games. As well as Olympic gold medals, Kenny has also won a number of other gold medals taking her tally to well over 30 gold medals. She has won seven World Championships, twelve European Championships and one Commonwealth Games gold medal. In 2021 at the Tokyo summer Olympics, Laura won a silver medal from the team pursuit, making her the most successful female track cyclist in Olympic history.

A regular world record breaker, Laura Kenny CBE has lived one of cycling’s most successful careers and she continues to strive for success. Having won nine World Cup gold medals, Kenny is an expert in achieving goals. As a speaker, Kenny often discusses the importance of peak performance and maximising success, two topics she believes have been crucial to her outstanding career.

Possessing great speaking qualities and expert knowledge on a range of topics, Laura Kenny CBE is the ideal Olympic speaker for any type of event. With powerful anecdotes and a witty sense of humour, Kenny is sure to inspire and motivate an audience of any size.

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When speaking at events, Kenny is known to discuss the following topics:

  • Peak Performance
  • Drive & Determination
  • Dealing with Setbacks
  • Maximising Success
  • Achieving Goals
  • Remaining Calm Under Pressure

Throughout her illustrious career, Kenny has earned the following achievements:

  • Four gold medals at the Olympic Games
  • Won seven World Championships
  • 12 gold medals in the European Championships
  • One gold medal at the Commonwealth Games
  • Nine gold medals at the UCI Track World Cup
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