Ed Leigh

Co Presenter Of BBC's Ski Sunday

Co-presenter alongside Graham Bell on the popular show, Ski Sunday, Ed Leigh is one of the most recognisable winter sports personalities in the world. Beginning his career working for Channel 4 as a presenter for the popular TV show Freesports on 4, Ed is an ideal event host. He is charming and has some incredible stories to tell, which are sure to go down well with crowds at any event.

After initially joining BBC’s Ski Sunday in 2007, Leigh formed part of the show’s hugely popular format. It was all thanks to his commentary on the 2006 Italy Winter Olympics that the BBC brought him on board and, in the years that followed, he was also a commentator at the 2010 Canada Winter Olympics. Differing from his usual chilly commentating post, Ed then featured on the BBC’s broadcasting of the 2012 London Summer Olympics, specialising in Beach Volleyball and the BMX event.

Ed’s career and passion for extreme sports has led to many interesting experiences, which make great stories in his talks. This daring TV presenter even spent a week living with dogs for a documentary called My Life as an Animal, but his arguably his most significant achievement was rising to the position as Editor for the popular magazine, White Lines, within six months, after originally being hired as a tea boy.

An experienced event host, owed to his incredible passion for the sports he loves, Ed enjoys participating with crowds at events to ensure everyone feels involved in the action. Coming from the background of both an enthusiast and a commentator, Ed has a unique attitude on winter sports that will undoubtedly be relayed in his presentation.

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Take a look at Ed’s showreel here:

When featuring at events Ed is known to discuss such topics as:

  • Sports Broadcasting
  • High-Performance Teams
  • The Winter Olympics
  • Sporting Tactics
  • Competitive Skiing
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