Elise Christie

Leading Short Track Speed Skater

Elise Christie

In early 2016, British short track speed skater Elise Christie won the overall European Championships. The Olympic speaker also came first in the 500m, 1,000m and 1,500m races in 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, in Russia. In her speeches, Elise reflects upon her highly successful career, exploring the essential skills needed with audiences.

These victories were particularly sweet because two years earlier at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, she was disqualified from the 500m after an Italian skater collided with her. Two days later Elise was disqualified again, this time in the 1500m, for failing to cross the finishing line. Shortly afterwards she was penalised for colliding with a Chinese skater in the 1000m semi-final. After such disappointment, Elise developed the skills needed to overcome adversity – including perseverance, determination and mental strength. In her speeches, she shares these methods with her audience.

Voted the Nottingham Sportswoman of the Year in 2013, Elise had three brilliant years between 2013 and 2016; she won 10 gold medals, eight silver medals and four bronze medals. In all, the Olympic Speaker has collected 25 medals through competing in the European Championships and the World Championships over a six-year period.

As a speaker, Elise captures and holds the attention of audiences when she shares her memories of the highs and lows that she has experienced throughout her career. Delegates from many sectors can relate to how thin the line can be between success and failure, and can empathise with how important it is to face both in the same way.

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Watch Elise in action here:

When featuring at events Elise is known to discuss such topics as:

  • Dealing with Adversity
  • Personal Resilience
  • Overcoming Criticism
  • Winter Olympics
  • Handling Pressure

Over the course of her career Elise earned the following achievements:

  • Two gold medals at the 2013 Malmo European Championships
  • Gold medal at the 2014 Dresden European Championships
  • Three gold medals at the 2015 Dordrecht European Championships
  • Four gold medals at the 2016 Sochi European Championships
  • Three gold medals at the 2017 Rotterdam World Championships
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