James Woods

An Incredibly Talented Medal-Winning Freestyle Skier

james woods

British freestyle skier and Olympic speaker James Woods has already acquired several fistfuls of medals. Having won well over ten medals throughout his wonderful career, Woods is no stranger to success and often talks about achieving goals and maximising success.

Although yet to win a Winter Olympic Games medal, Woods has built his legacy through other prestigious events. He has three World Championships medals which includes a gold medal in slopestyle at the 2019 World Championships in Utah. He has also won a bronze and silver medal at the World Championships, coming in 2017 and 2013 respectively.

The Winter X Games is where Woods has been most dominant, winning a gold medal in the big air event in 2017. Woods also has an additional three bronze medals in the Winter X Games, which came in 2013, 2018 and 2019. His recent successes have seen Woods rise through the ranks and he is now regarded as one of Britain’s best freestyle skiiers.

Unfortunately, due to a serious hip injury, James was unable to win any medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics but the Olympic Speaker went on to win several medals in the slope style and the incredibly demanding Big Air. In one of his Freestyle Skiing World Cup jumps, James famously landed and finished the course on one ski, his other flying off at the last jump.

He makes ski jumping with multiple summersaults so amazingly easy and carries this confidence and style through to his presentations, which audiences lap up. As a speaker, Woods often discusses his wonderful sporting career but delves into vital topics such as peak performance.

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When featuring at events James is known to discuss such topics as:

  • Winter Olympics
  • Maximising Success
  • Achieving Goals
  • Peak Performance
  • Freestyle Skiing

Over the course of his career James earned the following achievements:

  • Gold medal at the 2019 Utah World Championships
  • Gold medal at the 2017 Aspen Winter X Games
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