Rhona Martin MBE

Gold Medal Winner In Curling At The 2002 Winter Olympics

Rhona Martin

Rhona Martin MBE knows what it’s like to be at the very top of her game, then drop out of the public eye then hit the top again. In 2002, the popular Olympic speaker was part of a team that won a gold medal in curling at the Winter Olympics.

Patronised by some elements of the media as ‘housewives with brooms’, Rhona, Fiona MacDonald, Janice Rankin and Debbie Knox brought home the first Winter Olympics gold that Britain had won for 18 years and that Scotland had won for 66 years.

The team were famous and were even welcomed at Heathrow Airport by crowds of people waving flags and cheering them on. Rhona and her partners were also awarded MBEs, praised by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair, and appeared on various TV shows.

However, after the hubbub had dissipated, the team were no longer ubiquitous and Rhona went through marital problems, becoming at one point a single mother living on benefits.  Despite this, she picked her life up again and went on to coach Scotland’s junior curling team while forging a career as an in-demand Olympic speaker.

Rhona, who also skipped for Scotland at both the World and European Championships and participated in the 2006 Winter Olympics, has commentated on other curling events for television.

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