5 Reasons To Book An Olympic After Dinner Speaker

After dinner speakers are the backbone of a corporate event, as they provide a thrilling insight into a world otherwise unknown to their audience. Commonly infused with actionable strategies for personal and professional development, Olympians utilise their incredible experiences to inspire greatness in their audience. As exciting as they are informative, at Champions Olympic Speakers our famous Olympic athletes are ideal for a wide range of after-dinner engagements, both public and private.

Inspiring & Diverse Stories

From gymnastics to dressage, downhill skiing to the long jump, we boast some of the best Olympic speakers from a diverse roster of disciplines. Due to their broad backgrounds, there truly is an Olympian for every event! Each sport requires a different set of skills, including focus, perseverance and remaining calm under pressure, reflecting the range of techniques that audiences can implement in their own lives.

Olympic speakers can provide an insight into their respective sport from their unique perspective, including the hurdles that they overcame to achieve their dreams. Audiences are inspired by Olympians, and their incredible achievements.

Ready to be inspired? Hear Olympic Swimmer Ellie Simonds‘ story of overcoming adversity.

Peak Performance

Experts on peak performance, Olympic speakers can provide actionable strategies for functioning at the highest standard possible. At its core, “peak performance” is used to describe when an athlete is “in the zone”, functioning at their optimum level. Such a skill can greatly benefit corporate audiences, as it holds the key to high-performance teams.

Like cogs in a wheel, every member of a business team must complete their responsibilities to the same high standard, known in the world of competing as peak performance. Audiences of our speakers come away motivated to achieve their goals, and educated on methods for productive rest and optimum functioning.

Learn the secrets to success with world record-holding marathon runner, Richard Whitehead.

Audience Interactions

The Olympics are broadcast on the world stage, making each and every stand out Olympian a celebrity overnight. Audiences are star struck by Olympic speakers, ensuring that your event is truly unforgettable. When appearing at more intimate venues, these speakers make the ideal Q&A subjects, as those in attendance are eager to learn the secrets of Olympic competing.

Able to connect with viewers on a personal level, Olympic speakers leave a positive impression on event guests. Experts on audience interactions, their down to earth personalities resonate with corporate, school and industry audiences alike. Bridge the gap between the stage and the audience with an Olympic speaker.

Charming and motivating, Olympic runner Dina Asher-Smith will excite audiences.

The Winning Mindset

The mark of an influential Olympian can be quantified by the number of medals they have won. In order to succeed against the world’s greatest athletes, every Olympian must nurture their winning mindset, through determination, self-belief and perseverance. With their ability to push past periods of failure and disappointment in order to succeed, Olympic speakers’ after-dinner speeches inspire an improved perception of “the winning mindset”.

For corporate audiences, Olympic after dinner speakers can reignite a workplace. They hone a team’s focus, uniting them under a common goal – to perform to the best of their ability. Insightful and influential, an Olympian’s infectious passion for success inspires positive development in their audience.

With 23 gold medals to his name, US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps embodies the winning mindset.

Authentic & Genuine

Unlike celebrities, many Olympians come from humble backgrounds. Due to this, they can connect with audiences, relating to their struggles on a personal level. When booked for events, Olympic speakers leave a lasting impression on audiences, sending positive ripples of change throughout every area of their lives.

What sets Olympians apart is their authenticity. Their stories from the highs and lows of competitive sport are remarkably genuine, providing thrilling anecdotes through their after-dinner speeches. Able to transport their audience to the Olympic track, pool or pitch, few can rival Olympic speakers’ exciting stories.

Aside from being Britain’s greatest Olympic Swimmer, Rebecca Adlington is an authentic, down to earth speaker.

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Chris Tompkins

May 7th, 2020

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