How An Olympic Speaker Can Motivate Your Workforce

Derek RedmondPeople are the lifeblood of every business in the world. From the owner who comes up with the initial business plan to the support staff who do the groundwork, a business simply cannot operate without people. As a result, your business needs to take care of them, from ensuring their working conditions are pleasant to assisting them with any problems they might encounter in day to day life.

At Champions Olympic Speakers we know how important it is to make your workplace a great place for your employees, but we realise it can be difficult at times, so we have compiled a list of reasons why an Olympic speaker is a perfect fit to motivate your workforce:

Enthusiasm and Desire

Regardless of their level of talent or ability, Olympic athletes boast a hunger that fuels their passion to achieve an important goal. An Olympic speaker can advise your workforce how to harness and maintain this passion when it comes to their role within the company, both from a personal point of view – what they get out of it – and also within the grand scheme of things.

Internal Motivation and Self-Direction

Olympians will be training and competing for a variety of reasons – self-fulfilment, glory, pride, their family, their nation, and plenty more motives. Motivations will differ wildly from athlete to athlete, but the goals must be ones that you have chosen because that’s exactly what you want to be doing. Ask yourself – what keeps you running? Who are you doing it for? An Olympic speaker will get your workforce to ask themselves these questions and rewire their way of thinking completely.

Discipline and Organisation

Olympic athletes must be able to stick to their schedule and tasks come rain or shine. Consistency, discipline and organisation are the difference between a moderately talented athlete who gets the gold and a hugely talented athlete who fails to make the podium. These traits are also crucial in business, so for your Olympic speaker to help your workforce develop them is hugely beneficial for your business.

Work-Life Balance

Being focused is important at Olympic-level competitions, but nobody can be switched on all the time because the human body and mind are not machines and need to be handled with care to avoid burnout, injury, exhaustion and other physical and mental issues. Olympic athletes know how to push themselves to the limit, but also factor in relaxation time to regenerate the body and mind. A work-life balance is equally important among employees, so your Olympic speaker is perfectly placed to give them the right advice.

Ability to Handle Adversity

Olympic athletes know how to deal with difficult situations. For them, adversity builds character. As difficult as failure and setbacks to take, they are conditioned to take a rational and logical approach in overcoming these difficult situations and either make the most of them, learn from them, or simply get over them in the appropriate fashion. An Olympic speaker will coach your workforce so that hard times, both from a personal and a company-wide perspective, can be dealt with appropriately.

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Lucy Berry

March 9th, 2016

About Lucy Berry

Lucy Berry is an After Dinner Sales Executive who joined us in the summer of 2018, shortly after graduating from Victoria University "down under" in Melbourne. In her time at Champions Speakers, Lucy has booked the likes of Ken Segall, Simon Callow, Carol Vorderman and Gary Neville.

Prior to matching clients with top-class speakers, Lucy could be found serving cocktails to Samantha Mumba and Paul Rudd while working in Dublin. Her time in Ireland was not only spent juggling drinks, as she also made her netball debut for the Irish national team. 

Lucy likes animals, especially bunnies! But she won't be feeding them courgettes anytime soon as they are the one thing she truly dislikes.

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